Connecting Through QR-osity — Gro introduces WalletConnect integration for Metamask and Argent

We are excited to announce Gro’s integration with WalletConnect! To start yield farming with Gro now, all you need is a Metamask or Argent wallet.

WalletConnect is an open source protocol for helping dApps talk to mobile wallets using end-to-end encryption. It generates a QR code which your phone can use to create a secure link. When you initiate a transaction, you are asked to confirm it on your wallet.


  1. To connect to our dApp through WalletConnect, go to

2. Click “Connect Wallet”.

3. Then choose “WalletConnect”.

4. Scan the QR code with your phone using the wallet of your choice. For example, Argent, which can now also track Gro returns in your browser.

Quick note on security: WalletConnect uses end-to-end encryption to connect to dApps and your private key is never shared. However, you have to stay vigilant so always make sure you’re using the real Gro dApp by checking the URL:


If you need any assistance or have feedback, come and say hello on Discord, Telegram or drop us a DM on Twitter.

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