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Edits (20/09/2021): We have changed the launch date to Tuesday 28th September 2021 in order to ensure our Gro DAO members have sufficient time to review the token deployment and token launch proposal.

The Gro DAO Token Tokenomics article caught the attention of community and friends who are interested in joining the Gro DAO. We have received lots of feedback on how to make this fair to our users and early supporters — and rather than having bots front-running, we want to prioritise the people who’ve had our back since Day 1.

This is why we propose that Gro DAO…

Hey, Gro Community! It’s been one month since we partnered with DegenScore, and we have accomplished a lot in our first month. We completed Code Arena to add to our previous audits, went live on mobile with Argent (including an Alpha WalletConnect launch), we pushed our new website live, launched a bug bounty with Immunefi and our Public Beta Launch has pushed our TVL to $10m 🚀

What’s next?

Last week we asked what you want next from Gro protocol. Options included decentralising governance through a token, Layer 2 integration, higher APYs, gas refunds and lots of other cool stuff.

Thank you…

Gro joins forces with Idle through the B2B program to access Idle stablecoin pools with extra $IDLE rewards.

As Gro continues growing our presence in the DeFi space, we are glad to announce that we will join the B2B program hosted by Idle — a decentralized rebalancing protocol that allows users to automatically and algorithmically manage their digital asset allocation among different third-party DeFi protocols. The B2B program started in April 2021 with a pilot kick-off integrating Yearn, Harvest, and WasabiX. For more details, check out Idle’s program kick-off post.

Gro will integrate with Idle Finance after the upcoming Gro…

This article sets out how Gro DAO will launch on-chain governance before the Gro DAO Token has been distributed, and what the DAO can expect to vote on in the coming weeks.

Some of the team behind Gro (🙋) are fascinated by how DAO governance can create an organisation that is both decentralised and autonomous to the fullest degree possible.

Gro DAO aims to be one of the first DAOs to start including automatic on-chain vote execution before the proposed GRO token distribution — and not after!

How do you create a DAO without a circulating token?

This ‘chicken-and-egg’ problem is the reason that most DAOs choose to distribute their…

This is the second of our Gro LBP introduction series. Please see here for our first article outlining why we propose using an LBP to distribute Gro DAO tokens.

Our community has been asking how LBP pricing works since we proposed to launch Gro DAO tokens through an LBP. This article is to help you understand the LBP price discovery process and develop your own strategy.


Gro will propose distributing 5,000,000 GRO governance tokens (5% of total supply) via a Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) on Tuesday Sep 28 at 4PM UTC for 72 hours. If the vote goes through…

Gro proposes to distribute 1,000,000 Gro DAO Tokens (1% of total token supply) to the community based on their use of Gro and participation in the upcoming token launch event (LBP).

The two biggest requests from the Gro community so far regarding $GRO distribution has been :

  • Airdrop for protocol users
  • Pre-sale for our community

So as part of the upcoming DAO vote on the LBP, we’re also proposing an airdrop to address those requests!

How do I get this airdrop?

The airdrop will be distributed based on two criteria: (1) liquidity provision to the protocol, (2) participation in the LBP. This basically means that if…

As Gro protocol opens up to more and more users, we are excited to share more details on our governance token the Gro DAO Token. GRO enables holders to be part of the future of Gro and participate in protocol decisions.

Gro is a protected stablecoin yield farming protocol. It balances allocation to the protocols and stablecoins it invests in, to prevent over-exposure. …

We are excited to announce Gro’s integration with WalletConnect! To start yield farming with Gro now, all you need is a Metamask or Argent wallet.

WalletConnect is an open source protocol for helping dApps talk to mobile wallets using end-to-end encryption. It generates a QR code which your phone can use to create a secure link. When you initiate a transaction, you are asked to confirm it on your wallet.


  1. To connect to our dApp through WalletConnect, go to

2. Click “Connect Wallet”.

Gro Protocol is now open to all users of Argent wallet. Download the Argent mobile app either on the App Store or through Google Play and get early access to Gro.

Our mission at Gro is to empower people to easily create and share wealth. We do this by combining the best of decentralised finance (DeFi) with great consumer experiences from the rest of the fintech world.

That’s why we partnered with Argent, the “most simple and secure Ethereum wallet”. Argent makes DeFi easy by providing a user-friendly experience without compromising on security.

You can now access Gro directly from…

Gro is now open to DeFi degens. Ape in at

Gro Protocol is currently in beta and doing a guarded gradual release. In order to make sure it’s ready for prime time, we want to test with experienced DeFi users first.

So we teamed up with DegenScore, partly because we think they’re cool, but also because it lets us work out who has DeFi experience.

This lets us get early feedback from experienced DeFi users who are highly engaged in this space. The more engaged the early users are, the more they can help shape the product journey.



Empowering people to easily create and share wealth. Join the DeFi movement!

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