TLDR: Gro launched Epoch 2 of its Decentralised Marketing Force (“G-Force”) last Thursday after refining its mechanics based on Epoch 1 feedback. Adjustments include team roles, rewards structure, and budget availability.

Gro’s 20-strong decentralised marketing team, the G-Force, has returned for Epoch 2 (7th — 27th January)! This epoch will…

TLDR: Gro’s decentralised marketing team, G-Force, worked hard over the last 4 weeks and produced some incredible results! This week we’re wrapping up Epoch 1 with the strongest contributors being KhaaduScalper, Beckley and Laitman. Epoch 2 is launching next Wednesday 22 December. Want to join? Apply here:

Dear community,

TLDR: We are pleased to say that further recoveries of ~$2.72m have been made for Vault users following the CREAM exploit, in addition to the $782k already recovered by the strategies.

$CREAM tokens were transferred directly to affected Vault users, unless you had <10 tokens in which case GVT was…


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